Dan Harkins is Really Sorry He Left His Dog in His Car

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Dan Harkins, owner of Harkins Theaters, was cited for animal neglect.
Dan Harkins, the owner of Harkins Theatres, wants the world to know that he's sorry for leaving his dog in his hot BMW last weekend.

He's so sorry, in fact, that anyone who goes to his theaters will soon be subject to public-service announcements about leaving dogs in cars, he announced in a video apology -- which you can see after the jump -- yesterday.

The dog, a corgi, turned out to be fine but Harkins seems to feel horrible about the incident and has uploaded a video to Youtube apologizing and spelling out his plan to make sure it never happens again, which inludes running the PSAs.

If you missed Harkins' canine mishap, read all about it here.

And now, without further ado, Dan Harkins apologizes for leaving his dog in his car:

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