Cremated Remains of Phoenix Woman -- Lost by U.S. Postal Service -- Recovered

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Mabel Bink's been found!

United States Postal Service officials confirm to New Times that the cremated remains of the 89-year-old Bink have been recovered and are back with her family in Chicago.

"She's back home," USPS spokesman Mark Reynolds tells New Times.

In short, Bink, a now-former Phoenix resident, died last month, and her cremated remains were lost by the USPS as they were being shipped from Phoenix to Chicago.

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Reynolds says the package containing Bink's remains, and a large vault, were found at a USPS processing center in Chicago yesterday -- just a day after news of the snafu broke.

It's unclear what led to the mishap -- Reynolds says USPS officials are in the process of investigating the chain of command for the package.

The USPS got a lot of heat for losing the remains -- losing a cremated body tends to be a bigger deal than losing, say, a birthday card.

The media scrutiny, it seems, lit a fire under the ass of postal employees. Reynolds says those involved in the search went all the way to the top.

"We had everyone looking for her -- this was a joint effort by all departments," he says. "The regional vice-president was even involved."

The family plans to reschedule a funeral service for Bink in the next week or two.

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