Cops Release Photo's of Peoria Kiddy-Porn Suspect's Creepy Underground Room

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Peoria Police Department
William Willis
If the cross-dressing gear, kiddy-porn, and sex toys scattered throughout the home office of a Peoria man last week weren't enough to creep you out, photos of the secret, underground room he built behind his house might be.

Luckily, we got our hands on them, and you can check them out after the jump.


Police arrested 45-year-old William Willis last week after he and another man,Cory Houghton, 21, were seen leaving the scene of a pharmacy burglary near 91st Avenue and Thunderbird.


During the interrogation, Willis told the cops that he had stolen property at his house, resulting in a search warrant for the property.

When cops searched the property, they found a stash of kiddy-porn, some "cross-dressing clothing," and sex toys scattered in an office in Willis' house.

Peoria Police Department

They also found a secret tunnel leading to an underground room Willis apparently was building behind his house.


Cops say Willis never had the chance to use the room for any sort of criminal behavior.

We may never know the use Willis intended for the room, but when you combine kiddy-porn, cross-dressing, and sex toys with a secret, underground room...

Check out more details on the case here.

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