Cops Bust Traveling Meth Lab Near Kingman; Dude Was Cookin' Meth in the Back of his Truck

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​A New Mexico man seems to have thought to himself "hmm, how can I make my meth lab even more dangerous than it already is."

That might be why police say he packed it into a stolen pickup truck and took his meth-making show on the road.

Police in Kingman stopped a Ford Ranger on Tuesday after they discovered it had been reported stolen.

The driver, 38-year-old Floyd Anthony Calzada of Farmington, New Mexico, was arrested and while searching the vehicle, police found a fully-functional meth lab in the bed of the truck.

After police found a bottle of brown liquid and all the fixin's to cook up a healthy batch of meth, Calzada admitted he was using the stolen truck as a traveling meth lab.

Police believe Calzada was cooking the meth in the cab of the truck.

​The ironic part -- if there even needs to be one -- is that if Calzada had used some of the profits from his meth business to buy his own truck, he probably wouldn't have been pulled over in the first place.

A female passenger in the truck also was arrested.

Calzada and the passenger were taken to the Mohave County Jail.    

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