Arizona Cops Not Happy With J.D. Hayworth Over Paul Babeu Comments

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J.D. Hayworth's criticism of John McCain over a TV ad featuring Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu seems to have backfired.

Since calling on McCain to pull the ad because Babeu called in to a white-supremacist radio show -- apparently without knowing it was a show for racists -- Hayworth's now taking his lumps from Arizona lawmen defending the sheriff.

This afternoon, the Arizona Fraternal Order of Police put out a press release calling on Hayworth to retract his comments about Babeu and demanding an apology.

"We're about to enforce SB1070, and the White House doesn't trust Arizona Peace Officers to enforce the law without racially profiling," says Sergeant John Ortolano, president of the AFOP. "It is unfortunate that J.D. Hayworth has agreed and now wrongly attacked Sheriff Paul Babeu."

Yesterday, Hayworth basically likened Babeu to former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, saying "the host of this particular show said Babeu was the most exciting guest he has had on since infamous KKK leader David Duke appeared.

"David Duke, Paul Babeu, John McCain -- certainly the senior senator from Arizona does not want to be at that party."

The AFOP says the comments crossed a line.

"The former congressman should know better than to attack law enforcement for political gain, and he needs to retract his statements and apologize to the Sheriff," Ortolano continues.

In response to the comments, the McCain campaign called Hayworth's actions "desperate."

We contacted Hayworth's campaign to see if he had any plans to apologize. Nobody's gotten back to us yet.

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COPS IN ARIZONA DO NOT FOLLOW POLICE PROCEDURE. There have been cases of people with illnesses denied medicine because the arizona cop stated to paramedics arriving on the scene that he was"faking it". Last time I checked cops are not schooled in medicine. I know personally that in Arizona Hispanics are routinely denied lawyers and abused. Videotapes that show the cops being unlawful are thrown out even when the LAW dictates they be released. You people need to turn off the TV and come out of your houses. Theres are war brewing and your more concerned in making sure a corrupt cop continues his reign of terror.


Go back and see what the two hosts at "Politcal Cesspool" have to say now about the sheriff they had been admiring. Babeu didn't make a mistake. Babeu bot caught and had to make an excuse. The P.C. hosts were most supportive of the sheriff but now, they are clearly announcing that they were lied to and lied about. Who ya gonna believe? I'll go with the talk show hosts. Cheer up Paul, the federal judge says you can come out of hiding. It is okay to be openly gay and in the military. Pinal County still hasn't caught on that they voted in their very own "gay republican" when they voted in Babeu in 2008.

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