Mesa Doctor With "Healing Touch" Accused of Sexually Assaulting Two Patients

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The doctor is in: Gabriel Ogbonnaya is accused of sexually abusing two of his patients.
A Mesa-based primary-care physician with the Healing Touch Internal Medicine group was arrested yesterday after police say he sexually abused two of his patients.

Victims say Gabriel Ogbonnaya, a doctor with the Healing Touch group, made sexual advances toward them -- including patting their vaginas and insisting they "have more sex" -- despite the victims being adamant that his behavior was unwanted, according to court documents acquired by New Times.

One of the victims says she went to the doctor's office on Monday and was placed in an examination room.

Once Ogbonnaya entered the room, the women says he immediately started caressing her face and -- while standing face-to-face with the victim -- leaned in and put his forehead against hers.

After the alleged face-time with the doc was over, Ogbonnaya, the victim claims, started rubbing her neck and telling her how beautiful she is.

Then, the victim claims, Ogbonnaya told her to "keep breathing" as he rubbed her chest for three-to-five minutes.

Ogbonnaya -- after hugging the victim and telling her how much he cared for her -- then repeatedly "tapped" the victims vagina and asked "are you still doing this?"

According to court docs, Ogbonnaya was referring to advice he'd given the victim during a previous visit. That advice, court docs claim, was to have more sex and find a new boyfriend.

Ogbonnaya then offered to "pick up" the victim, who's married, so they could go jogging together.

Police paid Ogbonnaya a visit at work yesterday and note that the first thing he said upon seeing the cops was, "I am under arrest."

Police say Ogbonnaya was involved in a similar incident, with a different victim, on December 4, of last year.

In that case, the victim made similar allegations that Ogbonnaya had "tapped" her vagina and encouraged her to have more sex.

Calls to Ogbonnaya's Mesa office went unanswered this afternoon.

Ogbonnaya was arrested and charged with two counts of sexual abuse -- one for each alleged victim.

Detectives believe that, because of the similarities in the two cases, there could be additional victims. Anyone who might have information should contact the Mesa Police Department at 480-644-2211.

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I once worked for Dr. O years ago and in my time there, I never once witnessed anything inappropriate. Never even got one bad vibe. As his MA, I was ALWAYS there to assist him, especially for gynecological exams. He was a great man, whos life is now ruined by these tweekers. And by the way, the only person who I felt I had to worry about was his bitch office manager Yolanda.

Jenni eliz
Jenni eliz

FUNNY how The "VICTIM" kept going back to his office, If I went in for a cold and the Dr. told me I "need  to have more sex and find a new boyfriend" I would have reported that right away but the fact that she didnt report it AND continued going to Ogbonnaya. Why di you keep going if you felt so uncomfortable? Just saying...


My wife and I were both patients of Dr. O, he always had a nurse in the room when he came in to see my wife and even when he came in the room to see me....I can not imagine that these allegations are true. Dr. O and his office staff are all so professional.


This is shameful. I was a patient of Dr. O's for many years. Not once did he act inappropriately. Hopefully, justice will be served and his name will be cleared.


This doctor comes from another culture. Perhaps it is not inappropriate to touch foreheads when patients and doctors meet in Nigeria. He touched forehead with me, and we talked. He was very professional. Also, keep in mind, that while he speaks English, he may not speak the King's English. In other words, there is a dialect, and perhaps comments he made were not acceptable to drug addicted, country gal, Mormon women. I certainly hope these women know what they are doing to this man after all his years of hard work and education. They have certainly succeeded in eliminating a nearby Urgent Care, and IM doctor for an underserved area. Thanks heeps gals for totally ruining this man's life. He was one of finest doctors I've ever had. I'm still trying to find another primary physcian. And he doesn't just deal out drugs to drug addicted people. That is an outrageous accusation. What I would like to know, is what happened to him after all this? I haven't heard anything. I want my doctor back. He's innocent.

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