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jwh 073_sized.jpg
Wikimedia Commons
A chemical diagram of the JWH-073 compound.

Back in February, we wrote about a synthetic cannabinoid called JWH for this blog. Several things have happened since then, so much that we now have a category dedicated to synthetic marijuana called "Buzz Buzz" on our arts and culture blog, "Jackalope Ranch."

In addition to several states - not including Arizona -- outlawing JWH products, the U.S. Department of Defense recently banned the compound from all U.S. military bases, and drug tests to detect JWH compounds are being developed.

But Valley businesses continue to sell products containing JWH. One local business even claims to sell pure, lab-made JWH in powder form. Even Phoenix bars like Jugheads have started selling smoke blends containing JWH.

There will undoubtedly be more to say about JWH and synthetic cannabinoids, as more formal research is conducted and more lawmakers look to possibly ban it. For the latest news, reviews, and product information on JWH, check out "Buzz Buzz" every week at "Jackalope Ranch."

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Whether or not someone uses this stuff should be a personal decision. Our government has far too much say as it is. Don't you think?? Our citizens are being made into criminals over petty issues and our hard earned money is being wasted on housing them. We need to start demanding some of our freedoms back...

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