June 9 In Blogs: Anal 101, Jack White, La Bocca, J.D. Hayworth, and Joe Arpaio

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​In the 24-hour news cycle, it can be difficult to keep up. We have the solution. Check back on Valley Fever every evening for highlights from each of New Times' blogs.

Today's entries:

Feathered Bastard:
Southern Poverty Law Center's Intelligence Report Features Arizona "Patriots" on Cover

Joe Arpaio's Candidates Steve Poizner, Bill Hunt, Jay LaSuer All Lose Big-Time in California

Jackalope Ranch:
Hunting Jackalopes and Other Collectibles

Shanna Katz Teaches "Anal 101" at Fascinations This Thursday

Up on the Sun:
Jack White and Conan O'Brien Have Surprise Date Tomorrow

Rihanna Downsizes from Phoenix to Tucson

Chow Bella:
Tonight: Boutiques to Bars at La Bocca

Dave's Doghouse Devil Dog Challenge

Valley Fever:
J.D. Hayworth's Old Pal Jack Abramoff Leaves Prison for Halfway House

Tom Horne Pledges to Raise $400K in Post-Matching Funds Race for AG

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