Jon Kyl Sends Map to Dopey Wisconsin Lawmaker Who Apparently Has No Clue Arizona Borders Mexico

Senator Jon Kyl
​Big ups to Arizona Senator Jon Kyl, who last week sent a map to a member of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors who seems to think Arizona isn't a border state, yet found it within her jurisdiction to bash our new immigration law.

Think what you want about SB 1070, but when you discuss it, it's best not to sound like a moronic cast member of The Hills. That is, if you don't know where on the planet the law will apply to (provided it withstands court challenges), you'd be better off just to shut the fuck up..

Check out the video of Milwaukee County Supervisor Peggy West bashing Arizona -- without knowing where it is on a map -- after the jump.

As you can see -- as was pointed out by one of Ms. West's colleagues -- the councilwoman needs a bit of a geography lesson, which Senator Kyl was kind enough to offer in the following letter.



Kyl even threw in a map just in case West needed more proof.


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