Female Teacher Accused of Sending Nude Photos to Tucson High School Student. Yeah, We Got her Mug Shot

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A female teacher at a Tucson high school was arrested this morning for allegedly having an inappropriate relationship with a 16-year-old male student.

As has often been the case with similar, hot-for-teacher type stories and the dirty minds of Valley Fever readers, you probably want to see her mug shot.

Well, you're in luck -- we got it and you can check it out after the jump (the one on this page isn't her, of course).

Jennifer Whiting
Tucson police say 32-year-old Jennifer Whiting, an English teacher at the Tucson Rincon High School, sent inappropriate photos to the student and was actually in the process of going to meet him when she was arrested this morning.

In order to go meet him, Whiting left her two minor children sitting at home, police say.

Police were alerted to the relationship by the boy's father, who apparently wasn't too thrilled that a teacher at his son's school was sending the boy racy photos of herself.

Whiting was booked into Pima County Jail on one count of furnishing harmful items to a minor.

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They ought to lock up the father for being an unfit parent denying his son a date with a hot teacher like that! His son is going to be pissed later in life!


Maybe if daddy wasn't so pissed the kid was gettin his whistle wet while he wasn't we woulda never heard about this 


Where the hell were these hot teachers tryin to blow kids when I was in school??? 

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