Dean Martin Calls Jan Brewer's False Comments About Her Dad's Death "Appalling"

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Treasurer Dean Martin

​After Governor Jan Brewer's office failed to call us back regarding the gov's bogus claims that her father "died fighting the Nazi regime in Germany," we thought we'd give Treasurer Dean Martin, Brewer's opponent in the GOP gubernatorial primary, a chance to weigh in.

"Trying to use the death of a loved on for political gain is appalling," Martin tells New Times.

Martin's referring to claims Brewer made to the Arizona Republic on Tuesday. She's quoted as saying that "knowing that my father died fighting the Nazi regime in Germany, that I lost him when I was 11 because of that ... and then to have them call me Hitler's daughter. It hurts. It's ugliness beyond anything I've ever experienced."

Brewer was referring to statements by some in the legion of anti-1070 protesters who compared Brewer's Arizona to Nazi Germany.

But on the subject of her veracity, as it turns out, Brewer's pops died in California -- 10 years after the war ended.

Martin, who currently trails Brewer in the polls, thanks to her signing SB 1070, says Brewer's t comments are just the latest in a series of embellished statements the governor's made.

"She routinely makes wild statements," he says. "Look at some of the things she said during her campaign to get Prop 100 passed -- if you can't trust your elected officials, who can you trust?"

Who said anybody trusts their elected officials?. That would be stupid.. But we digress.

Martin is referring to scare tactics Brewer used, like saying if the measure didn't pass it would be a "catastrophe" for public services, like hospitals and education, that are used by all citizens.

Martin, who currently trails Brewer by about 27 points, according to the latest Rasmussen poll, says Brewer handling of SB 1070 (ie. collecting polling data before signing it) is a sign of election-year-politics and are no sign of a true leader. 

"What's gonna happen when there's no more immigration bills to sign," Martin says. "Which governor are we gonna get then?"  

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Dean Martin Kiss
Dean Martin Kiss

Governor Jan Brewer probably should have kept her composure during the encounter and perhaps described the incident in a way that did not include the word “threatened” — a loaded word which could be easil


That"s Correct-shunn at it's utmost decline in the illiterate and stemming from the illiterady of the same thing as network Television Stations....You see PBS supporting the irrationally conformed society ot "doldrum STEPFORD" arbitraries in reflection of us people's who DO have a mindl Does the PEOPLES OF "WHOM WE ARE" really give a horses ass about this or that drama? Pertaining to a bunch of FRUITCAKES who don't have such a mind of their own except for the folliness of degradation of GOSSIP..which is the drama of today's industry of DEL MONTE FRUIT COCKTAILS...eating lots of fruit run over by loafers just so they can bitch about interrupting their irrelevant currant affairs of their unsubstancial exciting fantasy in their own minds eye vs. the other whom's fantasy is more importantly detrimental to the other's...until along comes one who maybe believes in what is right no matter what personal life or what the STEPFORD affuent idiots have done in their deceivant directions to point the PEOPLE'S, such as all of us, who didn't take for granted and use our families self-made monies of respect at that time in passt generations, waste and use and abuse their forefathers monies to their ownself will, as always, to ruin their families name into the dirt just to be a self-loathing prodigy of ....nothing...I therefore "COMMEND" people such as Ms. Brewer. She at least has a mind of her own , not ashamed of it, and has the BALLS of HARD BALL. Forget fat elephants and jackasses....WE....ARE....AND ....WILL FIRST AND FOREMOST BE...'WE THE PEOPLE ' WITHSTANDING ANY AND ALL REVISIONS OR REVISING WHAT OUR FOREFATHERS WROTE FOR US AND BELIEVED IN FOR US...AS WE ARE THE PEOPLE...IT DOESN'T SEEM RESPECTFUL TO OUR FOREFATHERS THAT THEY REVISE ANY OF THE ENDORSEMENTS SIGNED BY OUR FOREFATHERS TO CHANGE ANY OF THE CONSTITIUTION OR DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE...THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAW...BY "FORGERY AND FRAUDULENCE" PERTAINING TO ALREADY SIGNED, DATED, DOCUMENTS. .....WE ARE....WE ARE THE PEOPLE...AS ALWAYS...AND ON A NEW BEGINNING TO THE END OF STEPFORD'S AND THEIR FOREFATHER'S THAT CANNOT STAND UP FOR THEIR'S THAT GAVE THEM LIFE. JUST AS A FAD...


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