Accused Doc Allegedly Grabbed Pregnant Victim's Butt and Told Her How Big Her "Titties" Were Getting

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Dr. Galen Johnson
Yesterday, we posted a story about a doctor accused of assaulting and sexually abusing one of his female patients during an exam at his Phoenix office, and today we have the details of the alleged attack.

According to court documents acquired by New Times, Dr. Galen Johnson, a 54-year-old OB-GYN at the Estrella Women's Health Center, admitted that the incident "could have happened" but requested a lawyer while being questioned by police.

On May 20, the female victim, who was eight months pregnant at the time, reported to police that during an exam on April 27, Johnson grabbed her butt and commented on how much weight she was gaining.

According to the victim, this wasn't the first time Johnson touched her inappropriately.

During another visit to Dr. Johnson on May 18, the victim claims, Johnson commented on how big her "titties" were getting. She told him it was probably the bra she was wearing, so Johnson reached in her shirt to see how thick the bra was.

Then, court docs claim, Johnson reached all the way into her shirt, cupped her breast, and told her it wasn't the bra, it was her "tits" that were getting big.

After the two incidents, the victim got a new doctor, but Johnson allegedly continued to contact her.

After the victim delivered her baby, Johnson, according to court docs, left her a voicemail, which was played for police, asking what happened to her. He also referred to her as "baby" and himself "Dr. J," on the recording.

On another call, Johnson defended grabbing the victim's breast, saying he wanted to be sure she was wearing a supportive bra and said he didn't remember grabbing her butt.

When the victim reminded him that he told her he wanted to see the thickness of the bra and then "jiggled" her breast, Johnson told her "it could have happened that way."

Yesterday, Johnson was arrested. Initially, he said he didn't recognize the victim but after putting on his glasses, said he recognized her but didn't know her name.

When police told Johnson the victim's name, he said he remembered her but didn't remember grabbing her butt. Then he said he was sure he didn't grab her butt, but when asked about grabbing her breasts, he asked for a lawyer.

Johnson's been charged with one count of sexual abuse and one count of assault. His next court date is scheduled for June 28.

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