Phoenix Thieves Targeted Identities of Elderly; Police Looking for Victims

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George Gregg.JPG
George Gregg
The Phoenix Police Department is asking the public's help in tracking down victims of a pair of thieves, who police say targeted elderly victims across the Valley.

Last month, police arrested 30-year-old George Gregg and 60-year-old David Gregg on several charges of theft and burglary, after the pair allegedly targeted old people in a scam to steal their identities and their stuff.

Phoenix Police Officer Luis Samudio tells New Times that the pair would go to the homes of elderly Valley residents and say they were roofers, landscapers, painters, and handymen.

David Gregg
To add a little family-man touch to the scam, the two would bill themselves as a father and son team.

Once inside the homes of these elderly victims, one of the men would ask to use the bathroom, as the other distracted the homeowner.

Samudio says the one who went to the bathroom would rummage through the elderly victims' belongings and steal possessions like jewelry and checkbooks.

According to police, after the thieves stole checkbooks, or other personal documents, they would use the information to steal the victims' identities.

Police have linked the thieves to several thefts in the Valley and to at least one in Tucson, but they believe there may be more victims.

If you, or someone you know, feel you were a victim of the two men (pictured above), or have any information about their crimes, you are encouraged to contact Phoenix Police Document Crimes Detective Woytus at 602-534-5950. If you wish to remain anonymous, call "Silent Witness" at 480-W-I-T-N-E-S-S.

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