Morning Poll: What Was Andrew Thomas Really Doing When he Wasn't in the Office?

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When choosing an Andrew Thomas photo, you always go with moustache.
On Wednesday, New Times ran a story about the lack of time former County Attorney Andrew Thomas spent in his office in the six months leading up to his announcing his candidacy for attorney general.

It turns out, it wasn't a whole lot -- about three hours a day, according to parking garage records.

Check the story out here

While he wasn't in the office, Thomas had to be up to something.

While we've got some of our own ideas -- including slaving away at perfecting his Wikipedia page -- we'd love to know where you think he was.

Let us know what you think -- and check out the result's of yesterday's poll -- after the jump.

Yesterday's poll question: Would a Supreme Court justice's sexuality influence their decision making?

-21 percent say yes.
-47 percent say no.
-32 percent say "I really don't think we should be talking about this," - George Costanza.

Here is your morning poll (write-ins are welcome).

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