Man Shot in Accident at Gun-Training Academy Owned by Buz Mills, Candidate for Governor

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A man was mistaken for a target and shot at Gunsite Academy, a gun-training facility in Paulden, the Arizona Republic reports today.

That happens to be the same 2,000-acre facility owned by Buz Mills, a Republican candidate for governor -- not that Repub writer Jolie McCullough mentions it.

The man was shot on Sunday and is listed in good condition today.

Mike Scerbo, Buz Mill's new "press secretary, (who replaces former East Valley Tribune reporter Ari Cohn) tells New Times that Mills wasn't present at the time of the shooting, as far as he knows.


mills buz 1.jpg
A man was shot in a mishap at Buz Mill's Gunsite Academy in Paulden on Sunday.
​Scerbo says the campaign will put out a statement on the incident.

McCullough reports that the 50-year-old Florida man was training with three colleagues when he walked out onto a catwalk. One of the colleagues saw the man's silhouette and fired, she writes, though he'd been told not to aim in the direction of the catwalk.

The shooter isn't expected to be charged.

Sounds like a two-fold problem -- one, the guy who got shot was downrange while other people were shooting, and two, people were shooting while a guy was downrange. Always a recipe for disaster.

This probably isn't the kind of press Mills wants, but when you run a weapons training facility, shot happens.


Click here for an update, with statement from Mills.

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