Lou Ferrigno's First Assignment With MCSO: Sheriff Joe's Body Guard

Joe Arpaio's new "body guard," Lou Ferrigno.
​We just got word from the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office that the Incredible Hulk himself, Lou Ferrigno, was officially sworn in as an honorary member of Joe Arpaio's goon squad moments ago and he's already been given a publicity stunt an assignment.

Ferrigno, the Sheriff's Office says, will act as Arpaio's personal body guard tomorrow night at a rally where Arpaio is slated to be the keynote speaker.

Arpaio will be speaking at Tempe Diablo Stadium tomorrow night at the Stand With Arizona rally, a pro-SB 1070 rally coincidentally scheduled for the same weekend as tomorrow's anti-SB 1070 march in Phoenix, and apparently Joe's a little scared, or at least he's pretending to be to get as much attention out of this Lou Ferrigno bullshit as possible.

"With upwards of 20 to 30 thousand open borders activists in town this weekend for a rally of their own, Arpaio is grateful for all the protection he can get tomorrow," MCSO says.

Arpaio seems pretty impressed with Big Lou's physique, too.

"He's one big guy," Arpaio says. "And I hear you don't want to make him angry...."

Hardy-har, Joe, hardy-har.

As we reported this morning, Ferrigno, who lives in California, apparently is a big fan of Arizona's controversial new immigration law and of Arpaio's in general, which is why he's agreed to sign on.  

Arpaio says despite Ferrigno's being a California resident, he is a perfect fit for MCSO because he "sees first hand the problems associated with illegal immigration there."

As a reader pointed out this morning, given Ferrigno's often-emerald skin tone, Lou better have brought his papers if he wants to get out of Arizona without Joe's goons askin' too many questions.

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Oh! This is New Times! No wonder no one can intelligently disput 1070 in this area. You are all smoking pot! All I see is alot of very bad jokes, and very bad words. What about the fact that the old man "shurf" is protecting legal citizens of the U.S.? Those of you who are questioning Lou's citizenship: You should prove your own first, punk.

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