Incredible Hulk Star Lou Ferrigno to Be Honorary MCSO Deputy; Don't Make Him Angry -- You Don't Want to See Him When He's Angry

Joe Arpaio's adding a new member to the MCSO family, and you DON'T want to piss him off.
Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced this morning that there will be a new addition to his faction of flunkies, and it's a guy you may not want to "make angry."

Lou Ferrigno, the body-building star of the 1970's TV show The Incredible Hulk and Arnold Schwarzenegger's bitch in the cult classic Pumping Iron, will join the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office as an honorary deputy.

Ferrigno's decision to join Arpaio's army of a-holes is primarily based on -- as you may have guessed -- immigration.

Ferrigno, who lives in California, apparently is a big fan of Arizona's
controversial new immigration law and of Arpaio's in general, which is
why he's agreed to sign on.  

Arpaio says despite Ferrigno's being a California resident, he is a perfect fit for MCSO because he "sees first hand the problems associated with illegal immigration

Ferrigno is in town this weekend for the Comicon Conference, and will be deputized sometime today.

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no mames arpaio si no fuera por los migrantes te habis muerto d hambre quien te va a levantar la cosecha. el pais mas rico del mundo y no saben donde estan los migrantes? no mames lo que pasa que no les conviene echarlos y andan con sus pendejadas de antiimigrantes puras payasadas. gracias a esta gente es por eso que este pais es el mas rico del mundo pendejetes ignorantes mediaticos dejenlos trabajar en paz .

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