Governor Jan Brewer's Office Receives Envelope Filled With White Powder; Capitol NOT Evacuated, Despite Media Reports

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James King
Haz-mat crews were called to the Capitol this morning after suspicious package was mailed to Governor Jan Brewer's office.
About 10:30 this morning, haz-mat teams were called to the state Capitol after a suspicious envelope addressed to Governor Jan Brewer's office was found to contain a "white, powdery substance."

Contrary to initial media reports, the Capitol was not evacuated, but Andrew Staubitz, chief of the Capitol Police, tells New Times that the area near where the substance was discovered -- on the first floor of the building -- was sealed off as police conducted an investigation.

James King
Haz-mat crews outside of the Capitol.
Staubitz says, while he hasn't seen the envelope, he is told it was addressed to the Governor's Office "in some fashion."

According to Staubitz, the powder was discovered when an employee opened the package.

The governor's official schedule says she was in Tucson today.

Staubitz says an investigation is under way.

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