ASU Girl Dragged by Car During Robbery Attempt Dies From Injuries

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Tempe Police Department
Kyleigh Ann Sousa died yesterday after being dragged by a car during a robbery attempt.
​We got word last night that the ASU student who was dragged by a car after the driver of the vehicle tried to steal her purse had died from her injuries and it was just confirmed by the Tempe Police Department.

Kyleigh Ann Sousa was pronounced dead at about 9:30 last night from injuries she suffered during the robbery attempt.

Tempe police tell New Times they aren't disclosing the details of her injuries yet. 

About 2 a.m. yesterday, Tempe police responded to a call that a female had been run over near the International House of Pancakes on Apache Boulevard in Tempe.

Police say the victim, 21-year-old Kyleigh Ann Sousa, was approached by a heavy-set Hispanic male in a newer model, silver Chrysler 300.

The suspect, police say, grabbed the girl's purse and tried to drive away

The suspect is still at large, and Carbajal says Tempe police are committed to finding him and want the public's help.

Anyone with any information that could help police track down the suspect is asked to call 480-350-8311. 

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i worked security at a tempe bar, i saw her a almost every wensday (busiest days) she was always nice and had a giant smile on her face. i didnt know her very well, but when i found out the news i was sad. she was a very nice person, and the scum who did this needs to be found. R.I.P.

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