Nik Richie's Legal Problems: Lost $1.5 Million Texas Lawsuit in 2009, Others Attacked on Web Site Plan to Sue

Hooman Karamian, a.k.a. Nik Richie of, was ordered to pay $1.5 million to a Texas woman last year

Does Nik Richie's new wife know about his legal bills?

Richie, founder of the Scottsdale-based Web site, lost a $1.5 million judgment last year for posting a La Porte, Texas, woman's picture with snide comments about her herpes infection.

More lawsuits could be on the way, one Canadian magazine reports today.

Reality star Shayne Lamas better have signed a prenup with Richie -- whose real name is Hooman Karamian -- before getting hitched in Vegas last week, unless she's always wanted to visit bankruptcy court.

Court records from Harris County, Texas, show Richie's company, Dirty World and Richie himself were ordered to pay $750,000 each to the woman in La Porte, near Houston.

On February 5, 2009, TheDirty published the woman's picture above the following comments:


It turned out the woman really did have herpes. Naturally, she was mortified after learning of the Web post.

Her sister contacted Richie that day and asked him to take it down, court records state.

But the post stayed up. The woman in the photo, (New Times is withholding her name to avoid re-Dirtying her), then contacted Richie and asked him to remove the post.

"The (sic) wasn't the right way to ask. sue me," Richie responded by e-mail, records state.

Richie deleted the post 18 days later -- once he realized the woman had obtained a lawyer. She sued in May 2009 for Public Disclosure of Private Facts and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress.

A judge ruled against Richie in October, stating that the post was "not of legitimate public concern," and that he had acted with malice.

A tip of the hat to the Web site,, which posted some of the court documents today. The original court filing received some media attention, but this is the first we'd heard of a ruling in the case.

In searching for more info, we came across this article by the Vancouver Sun, which details similar instances in which Richie's site exploited average folks for cheap laughs. Here's a sample:

Rosalie Plowman, a Vancouver mom, said she is planning to take legal action against

Plowman claims the website posted photos of family members, including her 10-year-old daughter, and ran derogatory comments about her daughter's weight.

Plowman said she sent an e-mail to the site, asking that the postings be removed, but she has not heard back.

"I feel like my whole family is under fire and being attacked, and people can attack us anonymously."

Sounds like Richie could end up paying for the 10-year-old's college tuition.

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Omg seriously ? Don't live your life in a way that u can be judged badly! Like boo hoo.. It's life grow up ? He's only saying what he feels!

Dirty Army
Dirty Army

Nik is not doing anything different than you guys spreading rumors about people in your hometown. Dirty Army.


he is a horrible person who needs put in his place....has anyone ever seen him????? he looks worse than most ppl he puts on there 


I don't see what's wrong with anything he's doing on the site. I mean, the national enquirer's been getting away with it before the internet was even mainstream!


This guy is such a douche bag loser who drives a Boxster. There are many of us now preparing a major lawsuit against Hooman and If you are a victim please leave a post here and we will contact you. Thanks.


People CAN be taken off the site, and not by suing, considering this guy was never sued, and never lost 1.5 million in any case. But the fact of the matter is that people that end up on that site deserve to be on there as a wake up call to change their lives and better themselves. I've had friends in college who have been up, and have been taken down, and not by threats, not by money, or anything stupid of the sort, but you can figure that out by yourself. Please stop blaming Nik Richie for everyones stupid selfish mistakes, such as binge drinking, ignoring your children, and doing drugs, your stupidity will finally catch up with you, and being on TheDirty is the price. People need to grow up and accept the consequences of what they do.


Everyone blames Nik for their life problems when they never look in the mirror at themselves. People don’t end up on the dirty by coincidence. The dirty army straightens people out, forces them to see the error of their ways and stop wasting their lives, they've made many a whore into good housewives, how is this not a public service?


"The Dirty".com is a web site for bottom feeders, it is based on money using evil intent as its motive. There will be many lawsuits forthcoming, I included. This website allows people to attempt to destroy the lives of others publicly.

A campaign must begin to stop this freak from using a platform that exploits the lives of others. I personally know of two people in their twenties who have suffered suicide attempts after lies were spewed about their lives. I have contacted the newspaper, the police and a lawyer because bad things happen when good people do nothing!

Who is Hooman Karamiam A.K.A. Nik Richie other then some kind of money making fraud. I can see why he would not want to use his real name. I am a Canadian and would like to know if this guy is an American citizen, because I don't know of any American who would participate or support the derogation of others. Americans are wonderful, kind and giving people which I have much respect for and I refuse to believe any of them would support such evil.

I ask any and all of you who read this comment to stop this guy and have this website removed. Call government officials, your newspapers before you find your teenage sister or brother or other family member being destroyed worldwide on this website because once its out there its out there forever..........

Know this, if you happen to be so unlucky to end up with your name on "The Dirty" website with all kinds of horrid things said about you, you will also come up if someone does a general Google on you name and that general google will bring up your name at www.the on that and your at the dirty website where others can see what someone spewed lies about you..Remember, if a future employer Google's you and you've been added to 'The Dirty.Com' your name will come up on with a connection to "The Dirty website and probably there goes your job especially if your applying for a job with the police department or social services etc.Please help me and other have this website taken down...Thank you

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