Two Mexican Nationals Arrested in Northern Arizona After Botched Train Heist

Categories: Wild, Wild West
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Courtesy of Shadows of the Past
The Wild, Wild West, indeed.

Two Mexican nationals have been arrested in connection with burglaries on trains traveling through northern Arizona on Friday morning, according to the Arizona Daily Sun.

Train robberies? Huh.

Well, they weren't going for the gold.
A spokeswoman for the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway says, in the first burglary, the suspects -- apparently undocumented aliens from Southern California -- swiped a shipment of televisions after they cut the brake hoses near Williams, Arizona and disabled the train.

In a second, reported east of Flagstaff, the brake hoses were also cut. The suspects made off with computer equipment from one of the cars.

The Flagstaff Police Department and Coconino County Sheriff's Office tracked down two of several suspects involved in the heist. The rest escaped after they scattered into the forest.

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