Joseph Franzetti, a.k.a. Dr. Deception, Wins Yet Another Walk From Arizona Medical Board

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As expected, the Arizona Medical Board has tossed out the latest series of allegations against a Valley psychiatrist whose misdeeds have been well-chronicled in our paper for years.


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The so-called "watchdog" agency dismissed the allegations against Dr. Joseph Franzetti, a duplicitous operator (in the photo) who collected about $250,000 from the county courts in fiscal 2009 alone.

We have published two cover stories on the not-so-good doctor. Here's one (in which Franzetti falsified jailhouse medical records concerning an inmate who killed himself), and here's the other (in which Franzetti ripped off both taxpayers and the county judicial system), and allegedly had an odd dalliance with a female inmate in the process).

A fellow psychiatrist once said of Franzetti during a deposition in a civil case brought by survivors of the suicide victim, "I wouldn't even expect to see a first-year medical student do that kind of evaluation. That's how poor it was . . . It's an embarrassingly low effort that he put into trying to treat and understand this man. It's just bad work. Very bad."

The board's executive director, Lisa S. Wynn, had recommended that the full board dismiss the most recent complaint against Franzetti, which concerned allegations raised in the latter story, "Dr. Deception," which was published last year.

The board went along with the recommendation at its most recent meeting.


Though the brass at the Maricopa County Superior Court has barred Franzetti from conducting further mental-health "Rule 11" competency evaluations, he still is working in the Phoenix area, according to several sources.

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I have four years worth of evidence against Franzetti...He came on to me when I was Incarcerrated at the Federal camp in Anthem , Az.    Pictures, cards, etc..If WYNN" of Az State of Board lets Dr.  DECEPTION Skate this time, we'll all know that theirs something much more to their relationship than just friendship.  I know Franzetti like the back of my hand, not to mention all of his LIES. As for his X-who used to do all of his dictation/I was with him when he fired her for raising her price per page (2- 4 cents) ..."like he could'nt afford it after ripping off Maricopa Co. $$ 230.000 worth" thats when he admitted to me of making up his two (2) minute computerized-FILL IN THE BLANKS print-outs as he made up his own copy using it on these poor kids time and time again so he didnt have to be bothered with this timely task.  Their is soooooo much more, & will keep on blogging until I get to the right person on the "Board of Az.  Im NOT ANGRY at him for breaking our relationship off...I WANT HIS LICENSE.  I didnt realise until it was too late (statutes of limitations) that our sexual relationship was Immoral (he told me the 2nd time we spoke, that he was separated & soon would be divorced), as well as breaking hIs OATH, THAT ALL WHO HAVE READ pages & pages OBVIOUSLY  about these kids or people/ unless of coarse, he thinks he can seduce them with his ALPHA CHARM & personality. I have a folder 2-3 inches thick of all of his BULL thats heading straight to the people on the Board who knows he's a LIER & SEXUAL DEVIATE!!! More to come...I have NOTHING to lose...Ive already done my time Joseph, its your turn Doc & wont stop until you feel it where it hurts most!!!   


Who is this Lisa Wynn.. Yet.another  AFFAIR Dr. (Deception), oops/ Franzetti!  Ms. Wynn sounds like a real keeper Joe... waiting in the rears for your next F===up with the AZ MED BOARD.  When is your wife going to say "ENOUGH"?  Or maybe she has since your yearly Gross has taken a considerable Dip?! 


But Joanne Babich is not banned? She is just as bad.

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