Joseph "Dr. Deception" Franzetti Will Skate Again if Arizona Medical Board Chief Has Her Way

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Readers of our paper may remember infamous local psychiatrist Joseph Franzetti -- who has been caught red-handed in serious lies on medical charts and official court documents -- and yet remains a doctor in good standing with the Arizona Medical Board.

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​We've written about Franzetti (pictured) in two cover stories, here and here, slamming him in the first story for lying in a medical record and then afterward about meeting with a mentally ill jail inmate hours before the inmate committed suicide.

Franzetti hadn't met with the inmate but claimed he had in a handwritten note placed in the inmate's medical chart shortly after the guy hung himself.

The Arizona Medical Board in June 2006 decided to impose stunningly minor punishment against Franzetti, despite board member Dr. William Martin III telling him, "I find your testimony not credible."

The second story, "Dr. Deception," described how Franzetti had secured a lucrative gig as a Rule 11 mental-health evaluator for Maricopa County (at more than $230,000 in fiscal 2009, he was by far the highest paid of the 44 mental-health professionals who contract with the county to provide legal competency evaluations).

Trouble was, Franzetti's skimpy reports were almost all exactly the same (and with the same conclusions), which strongly suggested that he was spending just a few minutes with his subjects before cranking out a brief report for the courts. 

New Times was preparing a story last year on Franzetti's financial bonanza and his fraudulent Rule 11 reports when a new issue.arose--an incident at the county jail in which Franzetti allegedly flirted (and more) with a female inmate with whom he was conducting a competency evaluation.

That videotaped incident ended with another complaint against Franzetti to the Arizona Medical Board, which investigated it last year and apparently deemed it unfounded.

Lisa S. Wynn, executive director of the state board, dismissed the complaint aginst the slippery shrink.

The full board (chaired by Dr. Douglas D. Lee) will "review" Wynn's decision tomorrow morning during a regular meeting at 9355 East Doubletree Ranch Road in Scottsdale.

Though Franzetti lost his contract with Maricopa County in the aftermath of the "Dr. Deception" story, he still is free to do his thing in the State of Arizona as he sees fit.

We fully expect that the board will rubberstamp director Wynn's decision during tomorrow's hearing.

Suffice to say, that even in the newspaper business--filled with assorted scoundrels and scofflaws, as we may be--someone with the equivalent of Joe Franzetti's sorry track record would be looking for a new line of work (maybe as an investigator for the Arizona Medical Board).


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Dr. Deception (Franzetti) deceived  a female inmate (first time offender) during her 24 month sentence at the womens camp in Anthem, Az. All inmates upon induction were evaluated, prescribed meds if needed & then seen on a PRN basis(as needed).  Approx.13 months into her sentence, Dr D.began putting her name in his appoint. book bi-monthly, as those were Dr. Franzetti's scheduled days at the camp , as well as the FCI. The Dr spotted the female inmate while checking in to see the female inmates.  He walked up to me in front of the admin. building & chatted for a few moments.  I was anxiety riden knowing that it was against the rules for inmates to fratrinize w/th employees. I shook his hand & told Dr.F I needed to go . Before I could leave, Dr Franzetti looked into my eyes & stated... "I have a crush on you.  I quickly walked across campus to his office, checked the roster, saw my name & realized he had placed my name to be seen by him that day. I was a bit confused but followed camp rules & sat in the waiting room to be seen.  Dr came into the building & called me by name so I was 1stto be seen.  I walked into his office noticing that he closed the door behide us.  I was a 49 year old woman at that time, & wasn't naive to the fact of why I was there. He asked me to  have a seat across the desk from him.  My first question was if he was married?  He told me without hesitation "I'm' separated & my divorce would be final soon." Again, yet another LIE from Dr.Deception...OOPS...FRANZETTI

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