John McCain iPhone Pic Finds Way to Gay Porn Web Site

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Back in January, Senator John McCain's daughter, Meghan, told an audience at the University of Florida that her father was "coming along" in terms of supporting gay marriage. If you believe everything you see on gay porn Web sites, "The Maverick" seems to be making enormous strides.

McCain's image was found on a gay porn Web site called Guys With iPhones over the weekend.

Guys With iPhones is a site where men post photos they take of themselves while clutching their iPhones. In many cases, however, those men are often naked and clutching their junk, too.

McCain (thankfully) is fully clothed in his pic, and how the image came to find its way onto a gay porn site is almost as funny as seeing Arizona's senior senator's image grouped in with hundreds of naked, gay men -- all dawning that come-hither stare.  

Apparently, in an attempt to show voters how hip he truly is, McCain used his iPhone to take a photo of himself for his Twitter page to prove that he actually knows how to use the iPhone.

Because there is currently no "app" to directly upload photos from the iPhone to Guys With iPhones, images need to be submitted by e-mail or be directly uploaded to the site from a computer, which makes it easy to submit just about any picture someone can find on the internet.

The McCain camp insists that "The Maverick" isn't the one who posted the photo, but rather someone took the image from his Twitter page and submitted it without his knowledge.

Like most public Web forums, users can comment on the photos posted on Guys With iPhones and people had plenty to say about seeing McCain's mug on the site. Here's one of our favorite comments:

"Whoa, this is Guys With iPhone, not old hag Republicans with iPhones! We have standards here!"

Ummm, it's a Web site where gay guys post pictures of their penises -- exactly what standards are we talking about here?

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