Glendale Shooter Kills Man He Suspected of Having Affair With Girlfriend; Bystander Also Shot in Throat


Image: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office
Julio Angulo, 29, killed a man he suspected of having an affair with his girlfriend, police say.
​A 29-year-old Glendale resident faces a 1st-degree murder charge after gunning down a man he suspected of having an affair with his girlfriend.

Julio Angulo, 29, who has a long history of minor offenses, confronted the victim at about 4:30 a.m. on Saturday in the parking lot of an apartment complex at Bethany Home Road and 67th Avenue.

Angulo was drunk and angry, and had worked himself into a fury over the suspected affair.

Before the shooting, he argued with his girlfriend (and the mother of their children) in her apartment. Then he called his suspected rival, who told him to meet him outside, records state.

He later admitted to police that he gave the victim two choices: 'Fess up to the affair and walk away, or die.

But the victim, Vicente Farfan, insisted there had been no affair.

Someone had called police by that time and the sirens were growing louder. Angulo glanced across the apartment complex and saw the flashlights of the approaching officers.

Angulo would later tell an officer that "he thought that he was going to get in trouble anyways for having the gun so he shot he victim."

angulo julio doc shot.jpg
Image: Department of Corrections
Julio Angulo also served four months in state prison in 2006 for aggravated DUI.
​Sounds like he wasn't thinking things through. 

Angulo fired his Glock .40-caliber four times. One of the shots hit Farfan in the head, killing him. Another bullet punched through the throat of a woman standing next to Farfan, the friend of the girlfriend of Angulo.

The suspect told police he hadn't meant to hurt the woman -- and already regretted shooting Farfan.

He was booked on suspicion of 1st-degree murder, aggravated assault and possessing a gun illegally.

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I was in some counseling with this guy....a few days before he did this.

I just read the minutes on the MCCC site and the result of this night are:

1 dead

1 seriously wounded for the remainder of her life

1 woman with 3 kids without a father around anymore (even if it was rocky)

3 children without a dad

Julio received 22 years flat for a plea on the murder charge, it was reduced to 2nd degree murder, but the max sentence was imposed.  For the aggravated assault charge he received another 7.5 years flat, running concurrently, and for violation of probation on the original DUI charge he received another 2.5 years.  He will be in prison, even on good behavior, until 2033 at the earliest.

He was in counseling for a reason, and I wish maybe he would have opened up about this.  He was particularly quiet this week and had vaguely mentioned being upset with his wife/girlfriend towards the end of the session.

I wish one of us had known, or he had said something....the events that transpired over the next 48 hours of that meeting forever changed quite a few lives.

Godspeed to the victims and the families, Julio....god be with you brother.

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