Dumpy, Old Trailer Converted into Domestic Violence Exhibit; Seems to Make Sense

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James King
We bumped into this local treasure while driving through Guadalupe this morning. Because the trailer is in a fairly residential area, at first glance, we thought it was some guy advertising that he beat his wife and wanted people to come watch -- as long as they made an appointment first.

We were wrong (we think).

We reluctantly knocked on what we believed to be the door of this dump, expecting to be greeted by some brute wearing a ketchup-stained wife-beater and seeing a bruised woman cowering in the corner next to an empty bottle of Wild Turkey.

Thankfully, this was not the case -- nobody answered. But we called the number on the sign and found out that the trailer, and the tours, are no longer going on. The woman we spoke with told us that a community group used to use the trailer to give lectures about domestic violence, but as far as she knew, no domestic violence ever took place there.

We asked if she found any irony in the fact that a domestic violence exhibit was held in a dilapidated, old trailer -- the stereotypical scene of domestic-violence cases. After a brief chuckle, she told us, "It kinda makes sense, I guess."

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K H Distad
K H Distad

Do you hate women? I love the new times. I don't appreciate you discrediting your own reputation by making light of domestic violence.

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