DPS Announces First Quarter Drug Bust Numbers; They're Impressive

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​Arizona is a hot-bed for drug activity in the United States, and the Arizona Department of Public Safety announced this morning just how hot it is.

According to the DPS, officers recovered nearly $30 million in drugs and more than $2 million in drug money during several different busts in the first quarter of 2010.

Of the $30 million in drugs, officers recovered 30,190 pounds of weed with an estimated street value of about $16.5 million, 146 pounds of meth with an estimated street value of about $2.75 million, and 313 pounds of cocaine with an estimated street value of nearly $10.3 million.

During this same period, DPS claims officers seized 133 vehicles from people smuggling drugs, and $2.386 million in cash.

DPS cites several busts as the largest contributors to its first-quarter numbers, most notably a big-time weed bust in Anthem last month.

Officers stopped a commercial tractor-trailer on Interstate 17 for a traffic violation. Officers obtained written consent to search the rig and found 1,384 pounds of weed worth $760,000.

The driver of the vehicle, John Fanning, 46, of South Carolina, was arrested and taken to the Maricopa County jail on charges of possession and transportation of drugs for sale and illegal control of an enterprise.

The weed and truck were seized by officers. 

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there is 2 meth and pot dealers on my block and the cops never bust them EVEN THOUGH THE COPS WERE ALERTED TO THEM OVER 6+ YEARS AGO! hey phoenix police officer Chuck Williams of the cactus precinct where are you? do your job and get them already,you had 6 years up to this point to get them. do your job once and for all.

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