Stunt Man Plans to Jump From Hot-Air Balloon and Land in Same Balloon in Skies Above Casa Grande; Paramedics to Stand By

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A Utah man apparently has seen too many "extreme" Mountain Dew commercials.

Bill Heaner, a 49-year-old "professional extreme athlete," plans on attempting a world-record-breaking stunt that defies all laws of gravity and common sense: he plans to jump out of a hot-air balloon, paragliding for a little while and landing back in the balloon as it hovers thousands of feet above the ground.

We only had one question for Heaner: "Are you fucking nuts?"

He was happy to provide us with an answer: "It's just another day at the office."

bill heaner.jpg
Bill Heaner preparing for a jump.
On March 21, Heaner plans to attempt this insane stunt in the Arizona desert, in the skies above Casa Grande.

Heaner will fly in his hot-air balloon until he is about 7,000 feet above the Earth. He then plans to jump out of the balloon attached to a paraglider, as his friend and a camera crew rapidly float the balloon back toward the ground.

After gliding for a little while, Heaner plans on stearing the glider back into the basket of the balloon, which will be hovering several thousand feet in the air but about 800 feet below him.

All of this will go off without a hitch? Heaner says there is about an 80 percent chance he can complete the historic stunt but says it's definitely possible.

According to Heaner, jumping out of an aircraft and landing back in the same aircraft has never been accomplished before. There's a reason for that: It's crazy.

For more information on Heaner's jump click here.

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The  adventure spirit knows  no  bounds.  where  as this  thing  appears a  bit strange to  the ordinary  people its just  a  normal stuff for the  people like them. there are super humans  like there  who can visualize and perform the stunts  like these .This  one certainly  is  the out  of  the box  idea and must  had been a  treat to  watch.

Schultzy @

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