Ron Paul Renegade Roughed Up by Police at John McCain Campaign Event

Much to our dismay, the Ron Paul Revolution apparently isn't over, and at a John McCain campaign stop in Mesa on Saturday, the "revolution" was televised.

Cameras rolled as a man, who identified himself only as Alex, was tossed out of the event -- where former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin was speaking on McCain's behalf -- for screaming and yelling as Palin tried to give her speech.

After getting the boot, ABC 15 cameras watched as three men -- one a plainclothes police officer -- wrestled the man to the ground as he threw a tantrum reminiscent of the whole "don't tase me, bro" debacle.

Alex, however, wasn't getting electrocuted, he was just being a pussy.

As police tried to cuff him, Alex starts screaming and yelling things like, "What's your problem?" to which an observer accurately points out, "You're a douche, that's our problem."

Once police got the flailing hippy to his feet, the bullshit began to flow.

"I'm trying to save America. I like America, I like Americans, I just don't like John McCain," Alex yells. "I don't like Obama, I don't like McCain, I like Ron Paul."

Easy... Your guy lost -- time to pick up the patchouli and find a new hero.

You can check out the whole ABC 15 video by clicking here.

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william wallace
william wallace

"Much to our dismay, the Ron Paul Revolution apparently isn't over"

Get used to it, Jimmy. More than two years after your article, the R3VOLUTION is alive and well.

As a matter of fact, it is only growing, even despite continued attempts by cocky trolls such as yourself to underscore the movement by insinuating that the actions of one misguided individual represent the movement as a whole.

Now go back under your bridge.

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