"High Country Bandits" Busted in Show Low

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They got 'em.

Police in Navajo County have two men in custody they believe are responsible for a string of bank robberies stretching across four states, including Arizona.

Police believe the "High Country Bandits," as the pair were dubbed by the FBI's bandit-naming department, are responsible for 16 bank robberies in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah over the last several months.

Joel Jay Glore
Yesterday, police arrested Joel Jay Glore and Ronald Michael Capito, both in their early 50s, in connection with the robberies, after the FBI, the Navajo County Major Crimes Apprehension Team, and the Gang and Immigration Intelligence Task Force spent the last week watching them, according to the Navajo County Sheriff's Office.

We called the NCSO to try to find out what led police to the two men, but they haven't gotten back to us yet.

When we first reported this story, authorities told New Times the two men were carrying out fairly straight-forward robberies, where they walked into the banks,
Ronald Michael Capito
tell costumers to "kiss the floor," and have bank tellers fill their bags with cash.

After everyone had "kissed the floor," the two men would jump on a green or maroon ATV and flee.

Glore was arrested at a Show Low health center yesterday morning, where he was being treated for a ruptured appendix.

After arresting Glore, police served search warrants on the men's homes. It's unclear what -- if anything -- was found.

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