Gilbert Rabbi Arrested in Decade-Old Rape Case of 7-Year-Old Girl

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U.S. Marshals Services
Rabbi Bryan Bramley was arrested today on first degree rape charges.
A Gilbert Rabbi was arrested today in the 2000 rape of a 7-year-old girl in New York City.

The U.S. Marshals Service tells New Times that its Child Predator Apprehension Team and detectives with the New York Police Department picked up 45-year-old Bryan Bramley outside of the Temple Beth Shalom Synagogue in Chandler, where he is the lead rabbi.

At the time of the incident, Bramley was living in his family's New York City home while he was studying to be a rabbi. According to the U.S. Marshals Service, the 7-year-old victim was sleeping over at the Bramley house when the rape occurred.


Bramley hasn't been on the run for a decade -- the alleged victim only came forward and filed charges in August 2009, when she was 17.

We called Temple Beth Shalom, and representatives didn't feel like chatting.

"The United States Marshals Service places a high priority on arresting people accused of sex crimes, particularly those involving children," United States Marshal David Gonzales says in a statement. "Our offices in New York and Arizona, working in concert with the NYPD, were able to locate and arrest an individual accused of preying on our most valuable commodity, a child."

Bramley is in Maricopa County jail awaiting extradition to New York to face a first-degree rape charge.

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you must be stupid....


i can't believe some of you even studying your STUPID IGNORANT religious whatever on behalf of what this man has done....IT IS ABSOLUTELY DESPICABLE ....if your religion comes even close to thinking this sort of ACT is okay OR CONSIDERED.... you should rethink your religion or just imprison yourselves now....DISGUSTING YOUR ALL DISGUSTING....


Rabbi Bramly has had all charges dropped because the prosecution realized her statements were not credible and he would be found not guilty on all counts

IE she lied

A caring person
A caring person

Horrible,In reading your post it is clear you are without education. Not only can you not spell, use punctuation properly or capitalize your sentences properly, but you also claim to know what my religion teaches. So, my dear anti-Semite, educate yourself, find some compassion and grow as a person before you put some idiotic sentences together that others will read.

I hope Rabbi Bramley will be able to find some peace and his family will be able to heal and move forward.

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