Unidentified Man Tries to Lure Maricopa Kids into Van With Candy; How Creative

Categories: Monsters
Police in Maricopa are looking for a man who has been trying to lure children into his van by telling them there's candy inside.

Seriously? The old, stereotypical "candy-in-the-van" trick was the best idea this creep could come up with?

Police say the man has been cruising around the Villages at Rancho el Dorado subdivision trying to attract neighborhood children.

In the past two weeks, he has tried the age-old, pederass trick five times and has been unsuccessful in every attempt.

The potential victims have been between 8 and 13 years old and all say that the man tried to lure them into his blue or gray van by offering them candy.

Police are beefing up patrol in the area and alerting parents and schools to try to catch the guy before he realizes that every responsible parent on the planet has probably told their children not to get in a van with a stranger offering them candy and changes his method.

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