Police Women of Maricopa County Debuted Last Night and, of Course, Joe Arpaio Made a Cameo

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​We tuned into Police Women of Maricopa County last night and, as we predicted, it didn't take long for the jowls of America's self-proclaimed "toughest sheriff" to pop on the screen.

It was only about 10 minutes into the show when Sheriff Joe Arpaio made a cameo appearance, which basically set the tone of the entire program -- that tone being disrespect, abusive attitude, and overkill.

The show airs a segment of a press conference Joe gave, where, in no uncertain terms, he makes it clear that if "you come into Maricopa County, you will be arrested, so I advise you go somewhere else."

The Maricopa County Tourism Board's gotta love this guy.

The rest of the show seemed to demonstrate what we've been saying about Joe's goons for years: they're nuts.

Take Detective Deb Moyer, for example.

Moyer got into a high-speed pursuit of a guy wanted for a speeding ticket and not paying a $1,200 fine.

The guy speeds back to his house, where Moyer and several other officers -- one with a machine gun -- bash in the door, throw out a pregnant woman, and drag him naked out of the shower, where he was trying to hide.

Not before he was Tasered, of course.

After zapping the suspect twice, the officers take the man to jail wearing nothing but a towel.

"I just got done wrestling a naked guy trying to put cuffs on him," Moyer says after the bust. "Who does that in their job?"

High-priced hookers, that's who.

Then there's Deputy Kelly Bocardo, the apparent bitch-of-the-ball, who can be directly quoted as saying, "I have the attitude that I will definitely give you an ass-beating if you need one" and "if I have to give you an ass-beating, so be it."

The only "ass-beating" we saw Bocardo dish out was the tongue-lashing of a woman, who had to be pushin' 80-years-old.

While trying to extract a 2-month-old baby from the woman's custody, she drew a gun on the ancient and the baby as the two sat parked in a car in the woman's garage.

Once Bocardo realized there wasn't too much of a threat coming from the infant and the geriatric woman, she switched from her pistol to her Taser.

The old woman wasn't some crusty old meth-head, either. She more resembled a cast member of The Golden Girls girl living in a nice neighborhood.

Bocardo was taking the child because her father was a convicted sex-offender, but he was nowhere in sight.

"Your actions right now just caused me to draw a gun on a 2-month-old child," Bocardo tells the elderly woman after dragging her out of the car.

The woman responds by saying, "I realize that, but that was a stupid thing for you to do in the first place -- pull a gun on a 2-month-old."

In Bocardo's defense, it's hard to dish out proper "ass-beatings" without pullin' a piece.

After the bust, Bocardo is back at a sheriff's sub-station, where two county jail inmates are washing her car, while decked out in the standard, striped prison garb and pink undies.

Bocardo says she loves the pink underwear because "it makes them feel like less of a man."

Imagine if a male cop said something like that about a female inmate -- the National Organization for Women would have a field day.

The over-the-top show didn't end there.

The next segment follows Detective Moyer again, as she goes to arrest a guy who wasn't paying his child support -- her and about five other officers.

As the suspect points out: "Six officers showed up for a civil warrant?"

God forbid a few of those officers spend any time trying to serve some of Maricopa County's legendary felony warrants.

Tune in next week -- same "ass- beating" time, same "ass-beating" station.

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Scarlett Jones86
Scarlett Jones86

I am obviously very late BUT I have been watching this show all day on OWN and I am just not impressed by these women. I respect the fact that they have to be tough because of the field they are in and also the fact that outside of work, they are mothers and wives. But this one case where they have repeatedly went to the house of a single Hispanic man who is raising 5 kids on his own in a very run down home really pissed me off. So the cop gives the girl a verbal lashing about how if she keeps up her behavior she is going to end up in jail which is true, then she tells the girl, go to your father and hug him. So she goes and they both just stand there looking at each other and at the urging of the cop, the father just reaches out one hand and puts it around his daughter and she just kind of leans into him. Ohhh no, it wasn't good enough for the cop, she snatches that girl away and handcuffs her, screaming at her about how selfish she is to not hug her father back because he is a proud man ...... whooaa. First of all, the dad says the cops have been out to their house 15-20 times and he tells the cop that basically if they can take her it would help him out. Secondly, it is expected that there will be behavioral problems for a teen who lives with a PROUD father and 4 younger siblings in a trailer that is falling apart What makes this police woman think that they have EVER hugged each other in their lives, the father, which I'm not blaming him, just wants someone to take his child, there is obviously a breakdown in communication if the cops have to come and solve their issues every time. She had no right to force any kind of embracing between the two of them not even knowing if that was even something they regularly do. Maybe it hit a nerve because I can relate to the little girl, I was very defiant as a teenager, and my father and I did not have a relationship and I am 25 and we have never hugged one another, we barely sit next to each other unless we have to. We do not embrace one another, that is not a part of who we are and I'll be damned if someone tries to make me hug him. He is a stranger to me. And that is possibly the case with this girl and her father. I know cops are not social workers, but this girl needs help. They need to refer her somewhere to get the help she needs, They just come there and yell at her, don't do this, don't do that. If her intention is to get attention, then she sure is getting it. But no one has looked at the dynamics of this family. No one has actually thought hey maybe something is going on in this house. All these interactions with cops has automatically placed her in a category that's destined for a long life of regret if something positive does not happen soon. I was just disappointment and I know life is hard for this family but these cops need to stop being so stupid, all families are not the same and who are you to snatch that girl up cursing at her and calling her selfish, inside she is hurting and doesn't know how to tell anyone how she feels but to act out. Stop bragging about your famous chief or whatever and take some lessons on cultural competency and empathy.

vanessa ray
vanessa ray

I would be ashamed to live in Maricopa County.  I completely agree with you Justin.

1 down, 49 to go
1 down, 49 to go

I,m getting this out a little bit late in life. And yet, joe is still Sheriff LOL! But why is it obvious that it's only criminals and ILLEGAL aliens that watch, then complain about Arizona's laws and this show? Stupid is what stupid does I guess. Ever learn what an on off button was for? Man! you people need to get away from the t.v. and get a life.

1 down, 49 to go
1 down, 49 to go

Gheez Justin! You obviously had your but* kick many times by cops... Funny how most don't seem to have that problem. Maybe if you weren't such a "prick" yourself. That wouldn't always be the case. Some people never learn. You're either an ILLEGAL alien, or just another dumb box of rocks. So what is it that keeps you there in that state, living with mommy, not wanting to get a job and a little responsability, or what??? Pathetic! Sad but still pathetic!

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