Former Church Camp Counselor Accused of Sexually Exploiting 11-Year-Old Girl

Garrett Allen Baker
"Wish they all could be California girls?" Make sure they're old enough to vote, first.

A Phoenix man, who worked as a church camp counselor, has been arrested for sexually exploiting an 11-year-old California girl.

Garrett Allan Baker, 21, was sending the girl sexually charged text-messages, police say.

Apparently Baker met the girl two summers earlier at the Camino Pines Lutheran Church Camp in California, where he was a counselor. The two exchanged numbers and began sending each other text-messages.

The messages soon became sexual, according to police, which caused the girl's father to become suspicious and call police.

"He used this device that parents can put on their kids' phones to track their conversations," says Phoenix police Detective James Holmes

Yesterday morning, though, when Baker thought he was texting the girl, he was really texting undercover Phoenix police officers, who while posing as the girl, set up a meeting with Baker at the Arizona Mills Mall. The idiot -- who thought an 11-year-old girl could find her way from California to a mall in Tempe -- actually showed up.

"We get a lot of cases like this, where the guys are so obsessed they never think they're talking to a cop," Holmes says.

Holmes says Baker planned to meet the girl at the mall and then take her back to his house for sex.

Unfortunately for Baker, he was met by police, who arrested him on charges of sexual exploitation of a minor.

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Do you people not read? He was a 21year old camp counselor.... it was a church camp he was not a priest or clergy member!! For most camps you need to be so many years older just to be a counselor, this has nothing to do with a religious thing. Also he never touched anyone, he got in trouble for sexting a young girl who I'm guessing had already been in trouble for being too sexual which is why her father was reading her texts... it takes two to tango and this little girl knew what she was doing and yeah he should have been smarter to stay away but it doesn't seem like she's so innocent herself.

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