No Booze, Cigarettes, or Fancy Cars for Welfare Recipients -- if State Representative Frank Antenori Has Anything to Say About it

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Welfare recipients may want to hurry up and buy that Bentley they've been saving up for because -- if state Representative Frank Antenori has his way -- there soon will be restrictions on how much money people receiving government assistance can spend on cars and other items.

Antenori introduced HB 2770, which would prohibit welfare recipients from not only using their  money to purchase expensive cars but from "consuming or purchasing alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, or illegal drugs."

Awesome. Now we can expect 40-year-old welfare recipients to be hanging out outside of gas stations playing "hey mister" to get a pack of Newports.

The bill would limit the amount of money a welfare recipient could spend on a car to $5,000, as well as limit him or her to only subscribing to basic cable and cell phone services (but only if the cell phone is the recipient's only phone). 

Welfare getters may want to hurry up and buy that 72-inch plasma TV, too. If the bill becomes law, folks on government assistance would only be allowed to spend $300 on a boob tube.

If someone needs the government's help to provide the basics like food and clothing, do we really have to worry about them spending gobs of government loot (they are only doled out pittances in this state, for Christ's sake) on fancy cars and TVs. Cigarettes and booze maybe (we would sure want to stay as drunk as possible if we were on welfare). And, Representative Antenori, meth's already illegal to purchase.

We called Antenori to see how the hell the government is supposed to enforce this proposed law, but he hasn't gotten back to us.

Oh, we forgot to say what political party Antenori's in. Nevermind, it's obvious.

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Finally!  Please pass this bill.  For those of you who think this is unconstitutional, you obviously haven't witnessed the problem first hand.  It is true Food Stamps cannot be used to buy a car or get "your hair and nails did.." but if someone can rely on the government to pay for all the necessities (food, rent, etc..) then even a minimum wage job can buy the nice cars, big screen TVs, Iphone, cigs, alcohol, drugs.  Though the government money isn't directly spent inappropriately, it enables those who receive assistance to make poor choices about the money they may earn.    The current state of regulation is disgusting, and the only ones with bleeding hearts here are either the low-lives that abuse, or those who are beyond naive. 

This bill would help us all.  

Larry M.
Larry M.

$5,000 for a$10,000??? WHAT? I spent $750.00 on a car that lasted me well over 2 years, back and forth to work, every working day, problem solved there.Why not no smoking and drinking? The way I see it, that's a want, not a need...if your on government assistance, you are no longer afforded the luxuries of wants, you are on it to to get on your feet as soon as possible.As for the inability to enforce any stipulation, its easy, stop locking them up, or taking them to court to sue for money they clearly don't have...hang public. After 20 or so public hangings of fraudulent people basically stealing from the government, and the rest of us, I can promise the issues will stop.As for you idiots trash talking the bill, I can see your point, how dare someone stand up and make beginning steps towards solving a serious issue?!?! Wait, how many of you have stood in public (not behind a computer screen) and voiced your opinions on how to fix the problem? Your ignorance makes me sick.


I could see a problem with this if the welfare recipient was spending his OWN hard-earned money on a car.... which he's not.


 Yeah, it's not like he possibly ever worked and paid into the system. 'Cuz god knows people who are on welfare were ALWAYS on welfare.  


If you have assets above a certain amount (same as bankruptcy standards would be a good point) you should have to sell of and live off the proceeds before getting public assistance.


I drove a car i picked up for 2500$ for about 12 years paid minimum car insurance and saved tons of money doing that I didn't have a fancy cell phone with all the bells and whistles i had one i could talk on and send a few texts. So to say you need 10,000$ for a car is garbage. Growing up in the South side of Tucson I always found it ironic the families that got govt aid always had nicer things then my two working parents, whether it be their cars, clothes, furniture didn't matter they always had the brand names and fancy rides. Catch them at the local ABCO or food city though and bam there they are using food stamps to pay and go load the groceries into the Tahoe on dubs.

I agree some people do need the help and use it to get by ,but there are a lot of people out there abusing these programs just as much and not much is done about it. Should never have someone pay with EBT card while talking on their new I-phone and then loading their groceries into a 30,000 dollar plus vehicle. Most the people against these restrictions clearly have never lived in a poor neighborhood or grown up in one and had the pride to do better move out, and make something of themselves. The realization that hey those clothes, that car, my phone, my food I paid for that stuff on my own.

If you want those nicer things in life get off your butt and get a job or two there is always work... it's a matter of getting your fat head around the fact you might need to work at wendy's or mcdonalds awhile to pay the bills while you continue looking for a better job or go to school for a trade. Swallow that pride for a bit and do what it takes to better you situation.

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