James Arthur Ray Released From Jail

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Free at last, free at last! The "spiritual warrior" is free at last!
Rather than, um, sweatin' it out in a Yavapai County jail, Arizona's most infamous "spiritual warrior" is a free man this afternoon after posting bond in Yavapai County Court.

James Ray was released from jail at 11:10 a.m. today, less than 24 hours after his lawyers successfully had his bail amount reduced from $5 million to $525,000.

In addition to reducing Ray's bail, Judge Warren Darrow required Ray to turn over his passport and asked that he not participate in any sweat-lodge-like ceremonies.

Since he was arrested about three weeks ago, Ray has been sitting in jail waiting as his lawyers argued with prosecutors in his manslaughter case that he couldn't afford the $5 million bail amount.

Despite using his wealth and success as a gimmick in the "self-help" biz, Ray claimed he was broke to prove that he didn't have five million bucks to cough up for bail.

On Wednesday, an accounting-fraud expert found that while Ray was not worth nearly as much as he told his followers, he was worth at least $2.4 million and the judge reduced the bail amount accordingly.

The accountant also noted that after the sweat-lodge deaths, Ray moved some money around between bank accounts, so the $2.4 million estimate could be on the conservative side.

Ray is charged with three counts of manslaughter following the deaths of three people during a Sedona sweat-lodge ceremony that he organized in October.

If convicted, Ray faces 12 1/2 years in prison for each charge.  

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really guys I dont know what 2do I dont know what 2belive.... When I sow Mr Ray on TV in jail Ifelt terrible, well stlll... So the Secret is a bullshet???


at this momment am in the midle of your booke readingit and I just read the part where you was fishing and let go the fishf cause looke intohis eyes andlet himback into the oceans and by considence I founininternet you kill 3 persons. You dont know how I fell Imalone at home by myself and I dont dontwhat todo or what to belive...


stupid white people quit talking about our culture you never have respected or known anything about.This was not a sweat lodge. They are not dangerous, we have done them for thousands of years, but when white people steal what is ours without permission they screw it up as always. Who are the dumb savages? Sweat lodges you don't charge for, same as your religions we don't go around pretending to do. You don't use tarps, use blankets. You don't pressure people to be in there who don't know what they're doing like the other stupid white people that went, or who are uncomfortable. You are humble and responsible for the safety of everyone, you make it only hot enough for the weakest. You don't let women on their moon time in or people with health issues against it, you prepare them, you insist they leave or stop the round if they feel they need to, it is not a game. There is more, but you people never listen anyway. This is why you have to have permission passed down and why we don't let you in our sacred ceremonies and share them, you don't respect the wisdom we have to do things right. AIM and many people warned him, but none of them listened, just like Custer, and his spirtiual warriors died with him too. Now these wannabe posers are getting the bad medicine that comes from disrespecting the ancestors and mother earth. To the stupid white person "LeeKuan" you will never have the courage to come to our lodges and say he was mot a scammer responsible for abusing our ceremony because we would laugh at you, then some REAL warriors would kick you out like the Creator has kicked him out now!!! We will tell you it is a fraud and scam to tell people this is a sweat lodge and that he was trained right by natives and he knows what he is doing, because EVERY native who runs a lodge would never give him permission to do what he did, and they told him he was doing it wrong and to stop. He KNEW that and he misrepresented this and himself and all natives who do lodges say he is a scam artist charging for what in a real lodge is free, so that makes him a fraud. You are as stupid as he is and share in his bad medicine so you have been warned too, wasichu.

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