Ben Quayle Has Never Voted in Local Arizona Election, Records Show

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Ben Quayle, son of former Vice President Dan Quayle and the latest addition to the jam-packed list of candidates for the District 3 congressional seat, hasn't voted in a municipal election since registering to vote in Arizona in 1997, a new report claims.

According to voting records dug up by the Arizona Guardian, Quayle has voted in two primaries in Arizona but has never cast a ballot in a local election.

"Like a lot of people my age, I haven't been involved in politics," Quayle tells the Guardian. "I probably should have been more active, and that's my fault."

People his age? The guy's 33.

Quayle, according to the records, did vote in three general elections, including the 2008 presidential election.

It should be pointed out that Quayle's apparent lack of civil responsibility was caused, in part, by his living out of state for several years since he registered to vote.

Quayle lived and worked in both California and New York during that time and also attended Duke University in North Carolina and Vanderbilt University law school in Tennessee.

As far as we're concerned, Ben Quayle could never have stepped foot in a voting booth in his entire life and still be a drastic improvement over the man he's trying to replace, Congressman John Shadegg. As far as we know, Quayle's never used an infant as a prop.

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And he talks about Pres Obama!   Like Senator John McCain...this man, Mr. Ben, is nothing but a carpetbagger. Will the Righties ever get real for once in their lives.


I thought voting was a personal private matter. Nothing is kept from the public at this point.

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