Arpaio's Office's Latest Crack at Reality Television: Police Women of Maricopa County Coming in February on TLC

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The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, though it's a taxpayer-funded law enforcement agency and not a network studio, is no stranger to flaky reality television, and its latest venture into the world of docu-drama promises to be as tacky as they come.

Starting next month, TLC will feature a new show called Police Women of Maricopa County, where the network will follow around four Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies -- who all happen to be moderately attractive chicks -- as they gallivant around town and "kick some ass."

The premise of the show is the same as the network's other babe-cop docu-drama, Police Women of Broward County.

Essentially, the show focuses on these women's ability to balance family, beauty secrets, and woman/man-handle as members of a large-scale law enforcement agency.

"We get our nails done, put on makeup, do our hair, and still kick some ass," says one of the depu-babes in the show's trailer. Check it out here.

We called TLC to try to get a scoop on what -- if any -- taxpayer money went into producing the show, as was suspected of the sheriff's last failed venture into reality television, Smile...You're Under Arrest! The network hasn't gotten back to us.

As for any Sheriff Joe appearances: We can only speculate, but a cameo appearance should be expected. It's likely that no major television network can step foot in Maricopa County without a grizzled camera-hound like Arpaio buttin' in to ugly up the frame.  

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