Second Inmate Allegedly Kills Himself in Less Than Month at Florence Prison

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Arizona Department of Corrections
Jesus Cota

For the second time in less than a month, an inmate at the Arizona State Prison Complex-Eyman at Florence apparently has committed suicide, according to prison officials.

Or, to put it in prison-speak: he allegedly "hung it up."

Corrections officials announced today that 28-year-old Jesus Cota was pronounced dead at 3:50 p.m. yesterday
of an seeming suicide.

Corrections officials wouldn't tell New Times how Cota may have killed himself.

Cota was doing a 10-year prison stint after he was convicted of arson of an occupied structure in Maricopa County back in 2004.

Cota had been in DOC custody since 2005 and was almost halfway done with his sentence, which makes it seem a little strange that he would just now opt for what prisoners call a "back-door parole."

We asked DOC officials what reason Cota would have for killing himself, but since officers are currently investigating the incident, they wouldn't comment.

Cota is the second inmate in less than a month to apparently take his own life at the Florence prison.

On December 26, DOC officials found the dead body of convicted child molester Monte McCarty, who was serving a life sentence. It was determined that his death was a suicide.

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RORO! I hope someone talks about you like this on your obituary!

The ONe
The ONe

I miss you so MUCH! I really did care for you! I really meant everything I said! I got the short end of the stick here! I seen you the Sunday before you passed and you told me "I spit on the time I have left That aint nothing"! No matter all the obstacles I went threw to be with you or see you someone that had no business in it - (Navarro's WIFE) had to snitch! They just kept taking everything away from us! that didnt stop us Were theirs a WILL their is a WAY! I just can't believe YOU did this to yourself, We used to talk about why your brother and dad killed themselves and you said I could never do that! This whole thing has been over a year but I am still very EMOTIONAL! Opposite's attract I guess! All of your family was very nice and funny! It was a pleasure to meet them! By the way the job I hold now is 1000 times better than that rent a cop job I had before! Loving you always and forever! Preciosa!


I will never forget!


one year past and still no answers

The ONe
The ONe

Why is it that Inmates releassed from the same place as Jessie tell me it was not a suicide. Thant an officer opened the door allowed an inmate to get in and attack Jessie. No one seems to mention that in december Jessie spent a week in his cell because two white boys stabbed him! He made 7 calls on that sunday to me that I missed and when I calld back to check on him as to How and Why Jessie is calling they told me it was impossible an inmate was calling so when I recieved the call at 5pm I thought It was Jessie agasin and it ws the Chaplain telling me my love had commited suicide!!! I can onoly think he was trying to tell me something! =(


@The ONe i knew jesse too he was cool as hell. I cant believe this happened damn rip homie .we had meet when we went to " school"

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