Scottsdale Police Use Twitter to Advise Radio Host Johnjay Van Es to Pay Photo Radar Tickets

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Lead-foot local DJ Johnjay Van Es
Radio host John Jay Van Es, of Johnjay and Rich, um, fame, must not be a diligent Valley Fever reader. If he were, he would know the ins-and-outs of how to beat a photo radar ticket.

Instead, the morning-drive loudmouth boasted on his radio show this morning that he had received his eighth and ninth photo-radar tickets in the last 48 hours and he hasn't paid a single one.

Johnjay's public outing of himself didn't end there. On his Twitter page -- after revealing his lead-foot to his audience, which is almost certainly comprised of at least a few of the boys in blue -- Johnjay posted a picture taken at his latest Redflex photo shoot and posed a question to his followers.

"Do I have to pay? I've ignored all," Johnjay tweets.

It seems the tech-savvy tweeters at the Scottsdale Police Department tune in to Johnjay's show because they had some advice for the speedy DJ.

"I'd pay it," the Scottsdale Police Department wrote as a reply to Johnjay's post on its official Twitter page.

"I've completely ignored it, and it's turned into this controversy," Johnjay said this morning during an interview on his show. "There's a good chance I'm going to go to jail."

No shit, dumby. Thousands of people ignore photo radar tickets without "controversy" -- most just have the sense to not advertise it on the radio during the morning commute.

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What an arrogant schmuck.

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