PETA Ad Featuring Porn Princess Sasha Grey Offends Majority of Viewers, Poll Claims

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Hot or offensive, you be the judge
​Our (ahem) good friends at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have a new ad campaign, and it's actually kinda funny: They are using a porn star to promote having pets spayed and neutered.

It's a nice change of pace after listening to crusty, old Bob Barker tell us to get our cats' tubes tied for the last several decades, but a few prudes aren't diggin' it. By a few, we mean the majority, according to a recent poll from the research group MediaCurves.

The campaign features a picture of porn star (oh wait, sorry, "adult entertainer") Sasha Grey with a message about spaying and neutering pets (see above). 

We would argue that too much sex with Sasha Grey could hardly be considered a bad thing, but too much sex in the ad itself is what has people peeved.

According to the survey, an ironic 69 percent of those polled find the ad at least somewhat offensive.

If the majority finds the ad offensive, its members should probably avoid some of Sasha's films, particularly ones with titles like Rich Little Bitch, Fuck For Dollars 3, or  Gang Bang My Face.

The ad may have lost PETA a few supporters, too. According to the survey, those who had viewed PETA in an "extremely favorable" light went from 13 percent to 10 percent after people had seen the ad.

PETA is usually pretty quick to get back to us with a comment, even when we're writing about its role in lobster holocausts in Tucson or crustacean crane games in Tempe, but the lettuce-lovers didn't immediately get back to us this afternoon.

Let us know what you think -- does this ad send you into a blind rage, or would you like to be alone with it? 

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