Phoenix Meth-Head Viciously Beats His 85-year-old Mom

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A Phoenix meth addict woke up from his pipe dream early Sunday morning and began viciously attacking his 85-year-old mother, thinking his house was under attack by an intruder.

The woman, Eva Fitzgerald, called 911 just after 2:30 a.m. and told police that her son was hitting her. Operators could hear the maniacal shouting of Robert Troutt, 55, in the background.

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​Police drove to a mobile home at 2701 E. Utopia Road, where they could hear screaming coming from inside. Troutt (left) charged police when they entered and soon found himself in handcuffs, court records state.

Fitzgerald, covered in blood and barely conscious, was lying on the floor in the kitchen. Her right ear had been nearly torn off. Doctors later determined that Fitzgerald had bleeding in her brain, fractured ribs and numerous cuts and bruises. Troutt was also injured -- he had broken the knuckles in his right hand.

When cops interviewed him, Troutt admitted he'd been smoking methamphetamine on-and-off for about 12 years, and had never before had a violent reaction. This time, though, he remembers dreaming right before he woke up that someone had broken into his house and was trying to hurt his mother.

"Robert remembered standing over his mother in the kitchen and her screaming at him, but stated at the time he thought it was someone impersonating his mother," records state.

Fitzgerald was still hospitalized as of Wednesday afternoon. Her son was booked into jail and accused of aggravated assault, aggravated assault on a police officer, and drug possession.



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Rachel, I knew your grandmother Eva many years ago. I used to work with her at Maricopa County. She was one of the kindest, most caring people I know, especially to her children and grandchildren. I think about Eva often, and just today learned of this tragedy. I am so sorry for your loss.

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