Hard, Um, Times Lead Valley Porn Star to Foreclosure

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It appears as though even those in the sex industry aren't immune from the piss-poor economy.

Nicki Italiano, better known as Nikki Nova, of porn fame, is having her house in Maricopa foreclosed on.

Nova blames the foreclosure on her having to pay for medical treatment she needs because she fractured her skull after falling off a horse during a porn shoot. As far as we know, the horse was just a prop -- it's wasn't that kind of porn.

"I've Been bending over backwards to try and meet these enormous payments," Nova says in an interview with MSNBC.

Um, we're pretty sure there was "bending over" in her job description before the medical bills.


It gets worse.

Nova claims she has no memory of ever buying the house. She says that before the injury she had considered buying the house she was renting and, one day, the bank told her she owned it and owed them some cash.

She filed bankruptcy, but Nova says because of her profession, she is having trouble finding a reasonably priced lawyer to help her through it.  

"It's like there's this black mark on my forehead because I work in the 'adult' industry," she says.

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