Dog Shot With Pellet Gun on New Year's Eve Dies Two Weeks After Incident

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Winchester, the small Oro Valley cancer-surviving dog that was found semi-conscious and lying in a pool of his own feces on New Year's Day, died Thursday after fighting off death for about two weeks.

Winchester went missing on New Year's Eve and was found by a dog-sitter in his owner's yard the next day, shot, and barely clinging to life.

A pellet had gone through the dog's small intestine and pancreas, lodging itself in his spinal cord. Winchester was taken to an animal hospital, treated, and said to be in stable condition following the incident -- but he took a turn for the worse and died.  

Police haven't made an arrest in the case, nor do they have a suspect, but an investigation is under way by authorities and members of the Animal Cruelty Task Force. Anyone with information about the case is urged to call authorities or enter the info online at

As the 1989 film suggests, all dogs go to heaven. As for anyone who would shoot a defenseless, old dog, we're sure the same does not apply.

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