Arizona Juvenile Facilities Report High Sex Activity With Staff; State Above Average for Incidents in National Survey

henning adam adobe.jpg
Arizona State Government
Adam Henning, principal at Adobe Mountain School

​Arizona's incarcerated juveniles are having sex with staff members at one of the highest rates in the country, according to a survey published by the U.S. Department of Justice.

In a survey of thousands of kids held in juvie halls across the United States, 10.3 percent reported some kind of sexual victimization by staff members. Another 2.6 percent reported being victimized by another youth. While no Arizona facility made the DOJ's list of the 13 worst offenders, the state's three juvenile prisons came shamefully close. In just about every category of offenses, the percentages of victimization in the state's three facilities were above average.

Nationally, the most frequent kind of sexual victimization involved a female staff member and male youth.

Here are a couple of the Arizona highlights:

* Inmates at Adobe Mountain reported a high rate of staff members forcing them to have sex. The weighted percentage of 11.2 of inmates reporting use of force by staff is the 11th highest of all facilities in that category.

* Survey participants at Catalina Mountain and the now-closed Eagle Point reported a very high overall number of sexual victimization: 23.8 percent and 23.5 percent respectively. (Adobe Mountain inmates reported 16.9 percent in this category). The average for this category is 12.1 percent, and only 14 of the 195 facilities reported a percentage of 24 or higher.


As New Times recently reported, sexual misconduct isn't the only problem at Arizona's juvenile facilities. And the problems have been going on for years, as New Times readers should know.

Maybe, someday, someone will start caring about these kids.

Click here for the government's survey in PDF format.



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My 15 year old son was sent to Adobe for misdeamenora like disorderly conduct. They mainly ordered him to go there for mental health treatment. Our family wanted to pay for treatment but the judge said she was frustrated and so she sent him there for an indeterminate amount of time.  He doesn't belong there even though HE wants to go.  Parents have no rights in court matters. WE are just outsiders and if a kid wants to go to Prison, they will send him even if there are other treatment options available.  I FEAR FOR MY SON IN ADOBE MOUNTAIN.  MY HEART GOES IN THERE WITH HIM. 


This place is a piece of SHIET . honestly, a boy is found dead no one dies of nothing there has to be a cause , if i was the boys family i would sent the whole damn facility to court because I would want answers as a parent also isn't that place suppose to protect your child from the outside world as gangs,violence, & other horrible things . That sounds to me like kids are just getting more violent in there and being instiuations they don't want to be in & now this! That under age kids are being force to have sex with staff and of course they feel weak because there in there for crimes they comitted & staff is more to be believed then kids that are saying the truth! Just because they work there. If there is a REAL, justice and equality for all as our state says to be ! Then i would be amaze if a judge stood up for these underage children because police,judges,ect. Only see these kids as crimals but not victiams and Thats not right!



Yes, my son went there for minor charges, 2 disorderly conducts, 1 assault (punched a kid) and drug pipe.  I tried everything to keep him out.  But the system is screwed up and because my son wanted to go to Adobe Mountain that is where they sent him. His mexican and has issues like ADHD, conduct disorder, and drug dependency.  I told him you don't belong there. I begged the judge not to send him.  The juvenile system is broken.  Our family was willing to get him to a treatment center without the state paying but the juvenile court system gave up on my son.  I fear for him in there, He is only 15 and he doesn't want to appeal the decision. Poor boy.

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