Hot Links: Dinosaurs, Mannequins, and Throwing Rocks

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A Mesa native has discovered a new dinosaur. Sterling Nesbitt was featured in an article in Science magazine last month, which detailed his team's discovery of a new dinosaur species during a four-year dig in New Mexico. The new species may fill in evolutionary gaps between early dinosaurs and two-legged, meat-eating ones...A controversial Chandler car dealer who used busty mannequins to advertise has closed his business. AutoMart on Arizona Avenue has been emptied, and signs on the door suggest the business owner was evicted from the property. Calls to AutoMart and owner Tracy Tingue have gone unreturned...Three people were wounded in a shooting outside a Phoenix charter school yesterday. Police say a 16 year-old opened fire in front of Esperanza Charter School on Bell Road. Two 19-year-olds and a 10-year-old were wounded. The suspect, a former student at the school, was arrested at his home...Glendale police arrested three men in the sale of counterfeit clothing. The men were allegedly selling fake versions of brand names, such as Prada and Ed Hardy, out of stores called Teez2Pleez and Jomar Fashions. The value of seized products from the businesses had a combined retail value of almost $200,000...
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Real Nike Air Jordan shoes, not fake like the ones Glendale men are accused of selling.
Police found the bodies of two men in a Tempe apartment last night, after doing a welfare check on two Native-American men who hadn't been seen in a while. Investigators have not said how the men died but indicated there were signs of a struggle in the apartment. Police are waiting for a search warrant so they can re-enter the apartment...A surveillance camera caught a group of people on tape, throwing rocks at windows at the University of Arizona. The rocks broke three windows, causing an estimated $21,000 in damage.  

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