Tiger Woods Reportedly Coming to Arizona Rehab Center For Sex Addiction

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The rumor mill is turning, and it sounds like the Tiger Woods shame-train might be rolling through the Grand Canyon State sometime after Christmas.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Tiger, in wake of his now super-public philandering, is "planning to go into rehab in Arizona in the New Year for treatment for 'sexual compulsion' and his use of Vicodin painkillers and Ambien sleeping pills."

Woods -- who skipped the Phoenix Open (or as it's now known: The "Waste Management Open") in years past because the folks at the 16th "party hole" didn't meet his standards of appropriate behavior on a golf course -- is believed to be checking into the Meadows Rehabilitation Center in Wickenburg.

The Meadows has treated other celebrity sex addicts, like David Duchovny, and Halle Berry's former hubby, Eric Benet.

We tend to take Tiger tales from British newspapers with a grain of salt, so we called The Meadows to see if anyone would spill the beans. Unfortunately, folks at the treatment center seem to be a little more hush-hush than many of Tiger's loose-lipped lady friends, and haven't returned our call.

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