Tiger Woods Rumors Continue to Whirl; "Sources" Say He's Already in Arizona Rehab Center

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The Meadows, the rehab center Tiger is said to be attending, has hosted other celebs like David Duchovny and Eric Benet
Gossip rags from Pebble Beach to St. Andrews are reporting today that golf's greatest gigolo is already in an Arizona rehab center and being treated for sex addiction.

According to X-17, OK!, and several other, um, reputable news sources, Tiger Woods is currently at the Meadows rehabilitation center in Wickenburg, and he's been there for the past several days.

"He has been there for a few days since his handlers forced him to enter the program. They feel that if he blames his cheating on addiction, the public will forgive him," a "source" tells X-17.

Addiction? To sex? Join the fucking club, pal.

Rumors began to fly about two weeks ago that Tiger would be coming to Arizona to try and break free from the, um, clutches of liking sex, but the Meadows would not confirm or deny to New Times whether Woods had sought "treatment" with them.

The latest rumor of Woods in Arizona contradicts a report in the New York Post today that Tiger was seen partying over the weekend in Palm Beach, Florida, with Rachel Uchitel, the tramp who opened the floodgates for tales of Tiger's philandering.

The Post claims that Tiger and Uchitel were seen holding hands at a party on Sunday night, which would make it a little tough for Woods to be getting treatment for sex addiction in Arizona. That's why they're called rumors, folks.

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