Arizona Senator Jim Waring Eying a Run For State Treasurer

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Waring (right) seen here with his shotgun-toting colleagues, Representatives Eric Meyer (left) and Jerry Weiers (wearing shades) at this year's "Legislative Shootout."
The latest news in the reshuffling of the usual suspects in state government is that Senator Jim Waring is considering a run for treasurer, assuming Treasurer Dean Martin doesn't want to keep his job.

Waring's termed-out in the Senate, where legislators are only allowed four consecutive terms in each house, and rather than miss all the fun and sit out a term, he tells the Arizona Guardian he's got a good shot at becoming the state's top banker.

Waring, a Republican, says he wouldn't square off with Martin in a primary, but if Martin takes the plunge and runs for governor -- opening up the treasurer spot -- Waring would consider running.

Martin is one of several possible Republican candidates for governor but is yet to announce whether he is going to actually run.

In the most recent polls, Martin leads Governor Jan Brewer if pitted against likely Democratic candidate Terry Goddard.

Polls show that both Martin and Brewer would lose to Goddard, but then there's the wild card -- Maricopa County's top-cop, Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Arpaio, according to recent polls, is the only possible Republican candidate who could beat Goddard -- funny thing is, Joe was never really considered a candidate until pollsters at Rasmussen threw his name into the mix.

Now, Joe's considering it. Thanks for nothin', Rasmussen.

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