Scottsdale's GoDaddy Girl, Danica Patrick, Joins NASCAR; Let the Shameless Promotions Begin

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IndyCar bombshell and Scottsdale native Danica Patrick announced this morning that she will be joining the NASCAR racing circuit. Then she went on to sound like Ricky Bobby from Talladega Nights -- shamelessly promoting her corporate sponsor.

NASCAR drivers have the uncanny ability to work the name of their sponsors into just about any conversation on just about any subject -- Patrick seems to be fitting in just fine in the good ol' boys club.

"It's been a long time coming, but the stars finally aligned for me with GoDaddy and JRM," Patrick tells the Phoenix Business Journal, just before making her announcement in Phoenix this morning. "I have always said 'I love to drive,' and if I could make it work to race in both IndyCar and Nascar -- with the right sponsor, like and the right team, like JRM -- then I'd love to drive in Nascar."

One reference to GoDaddy and JRM probably would have sufficed but, hey, she's a NASCAR driver now.

She will be racing in the No. 7 Chevy car as part of the JR Motorsports team, owned by Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Don't worry IndyCar fans -- the smokin' hot speedster plans to continue racing on the Indy circuit, and she only plans to participate in NASCAR events between her IndyCar events.

NASCAR has seen a decline in viewership since the beginning of the recession, and Patrick is expected to bring some new viewers to the "sport" -- it's a lot easier to watch a car drive around in a circle when there's a hot chick behind the wheel.

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